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Property Acquisitions & Disposition

Should you buy that property? Is now a good time to sell? The ever-changing retail real estate market can be difficult to negotiate. That's where we come in. With experience, Development Company of the West, Property Services, can help identify prospects for acquisition, establish a market value for your existing properties, and achieve the highest sales price during disposition. 

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Planning & Development

From navigating the Portland Metro's area complex zoning and development laws and regulations to obtaining local governmental approval for your project, we provide tailored strategies and solutions to help you meet your goals. 

The intersection of City, County, Metro, and State planning goals can often leave a property's fate unclear. We can help navigate these complex situations and keep your project moving. 

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Property Management

Development Company of the West, Property Services provides exceptional property management services for retail properties across the Portland Metro.

Whether you own a prototypical retail property or a one-of-a-kind center, our property management services will be tailored to your needs. A list of typical services include:

  • Handling of all Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable Services (rent collection, bill payment)

  • Creation & Management of Operating Budget

  • Controlling costs, where possible, for physical and ancillary services

  • Financial reporting on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis

  • Managing contracts with third-party vendors including landscaping, HVAC, and roofing

  • Oversight of special projects, where necessary

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